Thirty years of experience in the field: a guarantee of excellence and reliability Today as yesterday, quality is the goal.

Andrea Boeris

Interior design stylist

Andrea Boeris was born and works in Turin. From his city he's inherited the Savoy humility and pragmatism.

An aficionado of the sea and sailing, he's worked in France, Switzerland and Africa, acquiring knowledge from every country. He has also been to India and Australia and it was their difference to the other places he'd visited, combined with his curiosity for all the continents, that helped him implement his pans.

His passion for interior design has allowed him to build and furnish homes that are unique to each person who's lived in them.

Finally, his own country, Italy, has given him such a unique taste which, combined with a constant attention to detail, is one of his strengths.


Bringing the extraordinary to life

Tailored furniture is adapted to the taste and needs of those who will live in the spaces: this is the only way the house can become a true expression of its owner's personality.

Dinterni's consultancy ensures a careful study of the livability of the spaces and their possible transformations, without the rigidity of commercial limitations.

The passion,
the culture,
the land

Italian roots, boundless horizons.

Italy, birthplace of art and culture, is the place of choice for a style that can merge classical excellence and striving for modernity. From romantic farmhouses to the modern urban skyline, Dinterni's experience demonstrates spaces that highlight all variations of the Italian taste.

Italian roots,
boundless horizons


A long, thirty year history

Customer service expertise

A solid wealth of experience combined with the desire to always be in keeping with the times and technologies, without ever questioning the guidelines of a refined, elegant style. Because today like yesterday, quality is the goal.

The Dinterni style

Elegant, classic, sophisticated

A style that comes from the winning mix of classic taste and attention to the contemporary, added to a timeless attention to detail. Elegance, like this, is demonstrated in the attention to the use of space that never ceases to ensure there's refinement in every detail.


The essence of taste

The constant attention to detail and the endless pursuit of beauty allow Dinterni to offer sophisticated, custom made designs characterised by a timeless charm.

The aim is just that: to enrich every environment with the true essence of taste.