The design from A to Z

From the concept to completion

Dinterni closely monitors its clients throughout the duration of the work, from the first draft to its concrete realisation.

The aim is to turn every little desire into reality, respecting both the aesthetics and the feasibility.

Design, furniture and accessories

All custom designed

Ideas and solutions tailored to the needs of those who live in the space, always guided by the possible interpretations of beauty.

To do this, Dinterni offers a strictly tailored project ranging from the design of the spaces to the analysis of their internal organization to the research or creation of complementary furnishings with attention to the smallest detail.

Exclusive creations

Elegantly unique

Practicality and taste meet in Dinterni creations, designed and created specifically to enrich the space they will be placed in. This is how elegance is expressed in every piece of furniture.

Made in Italy

Key word: excellence

The Italian taste and the pursuit of excellence are the basis of the Dinterni philosophy and become evident in the attention given to details.

To offer an unparalleled result, Dinterni relies on a network of expert Italian craftsmen, with whom we have had a relationship of mutual esteem, trust and respect for years.

Italian style abroad

Exporting pleasure for harmony

The Italian taste knows no boundaries thanks to prestigious international collaborations, designed and constructed to also export the "know-how" of Italy abroad.

Each of the international projects designed by Dinterni starts from the Made in Italy style guide and derives, over time, from ever new influences.

Direct consultation

Original designs: the custom home

Spaces designed to fulfil the needs and desires of those who will live in them every day. This is the bonus of Dinterni consultancy that, by listening to the customer's needs, offers the creation of original finely tuned designs, to ensure the charm and uniqueness of every tailor made creation.

Dinterni refurbishments

Rewriting spaces, a new beginning

The rigorous study and understanding of the place, along with a great attention to detail, underlie a Dinterni designed refurbishment.

The aim is to give spaces a new starting point, highlighting any particularities and always respecting the needs and desires of the customer.

The reinterpretation of old buildings and careful work on modern constructions, allow us to rewrite all to create new structures, different spaces more suited to everyday life, or simply to return places to their former glory, thanks to careful philological research on materials and workmanship.