Beach resort in Zanzibar

The challenge of designing three villas on the indian ocean respectfully the local tradition

Zanziblue, it's a place to relax, integrated into the wonderful nature of this island, where every guest enjoys his privacy and a spectacular view of the ocean.


Each villa plan is composed by three intersecting octagons, to form crossed volumes that differentiates it from the most common square-shaped structures of the place.

Constructing on the beach is a challenge of ethical design: we worked studying the local construction tecniques, integrating our design as much as possible to the wonderful nature that surrounds the places.


At the heart of the resort the pool it is available to all customers of the hotel, available in any weather condition. At night it becomes a wonderfull background to the guests who having dinner.


Thanks to the skills of the expert local carvers, every furniture has been produced on the island; external doors, balconies, deck-terraces, and also the sumptuous entrance door, all the interior doors, and the colonial beds and sofas.


The large attics made of local woods and makuti leaves create magnificent natural architectures: the vaults of intertwined branches and ropes are resistant to strong winds and equatorial storms.


All made on site by expert craftsmen, based on our design inspired by nature and the traditional techniques of the place.