In the historic centre of Turin, the balance between classic and modern

If you want to step forward, lose your balance for a moment
(Massimo Gramellini)

Let its period furniture (so much of which is forgotten) tempt you and rediscover how much they are relevant today.


Playing with colours on a neutral palette of light grey and cream walls.
The tables, exclusive Dinterni design.

Dining and kitchen

A mix of wood and steel plates. A kitchen that doesn't exist elsewhere, Dinterni design.


Light, light and more light. The denominator is the light, almost white colour which brings out the old parquet floor and pastel grey walls.

Studio and relaxation

The "recycling design" chair, combined with a period piece, in a classic cornice.

Custom designs

Light, pastel colours, plaster cornices, antique parquet. The classic meets the modern with no preconceptions, no fear of losing the balance, daring in a reasoned way.